There has been a sudden craze in gardening, looking after plants and being out in nature. And, there is new name for it, “The Bloom Economy”. Why is this so? What benefits do plants bring us? Studies have shown that during our COVID lockdown, we are spending more time in our gardens and nurturing […]

Planet First

Green Heart

  When we recognise our place in the world we open ourselves up to being present and listening to our surroundings. Sometimes we don’t take enough time out of our busy lives to appreciate the very things right in front of our noses. When we experience awe, we are challenged by the presence of something […]

Why is organic better?

Girl Standing On Grass Field Facing Trees

Why is organic better? People are becoming more educated and making better decisions about what they put on their skin. They are now demanding safe, natural and ethical products which in turn has led to natural and organic skin products becoming more readily available. The focus of organic products is that all of the ingredients […]