About Us

NativeBliss Australia is a dynamically growing company passionate about developing products to provide you with a Healthy and Natural way of life, in harmony with nature itself.

Our story

NativeBliss's origins started in 2008 as part of Hansway International. Our passion is to use the best quality natural ingredients to benefit your life and our planet.

Try our products for yourself and experience the joy and Bliss that is uniquely Australia.

NativeBliss Makes You Feel Happy!

Our products are proudly Made In Australia.

Our Philosophy

"We are so blessed to be living in Australia with abundant land and natural resources.

NativeBliss Australia believes that human beings should live happily together with all other species of life, and not destroy or harm them. 

NativeBliss want to explore and discover the natural beauty of Australia and share this great joy with other people."

NativeBliss is born

NativeBliss are turning our skills and passion to manufacturing high quality natural products. With the help of a chemical engineer we have spent years systematically testing hundreds of different chemical free formulas. We have explored how we can use all natural ingredients to create products that perform and at the same time provide a wonderful result for your skin and are also good for environment.

We tested many combinations of natural ingredients until we created a base formula that worked and smelt good too!

Since 2015, NativeBliss has created over 20 new health & beauty and lifestyle products including a range of natural and scented goats milk soaps, essential oils and Jojoba oil.

Interest from our contacts in Melbourne lead to an opportunity to export NativeBliss products. Over the past 12 months in excess of 100 thousand units have been picked, packed and exported overseas.

NativeBliss products are also available in selected pharmacies, tourist and gift shops in Melbourne, Canberra, and Sydney Australia.

It seems everyone loves a bit of NativeBliss!

Visit our NativeBliss online store to see our complete range.

The Vision

With more product ranges under development, NativeBliss has a passion to become a leading innovator in creating chemical free natural products, that are kind to humans, developed and manufactured in Australia from locally sourced ingredients to provide you with a healthy natural way of life.

The Future

NativeBliss's passion is in developing and manufacturing a range of plant based, chemical free natural products. We invite you to enjoy the healing and skin care benefits that natural products provide.

To help us get there, we're looking to work with suitable partners, distributors and wholesalers who have proven experience in selling to / or within various segments of the retail sector including (but not limited to); chemists, tourist shops and gift shops.

If you think that your company is a good fit and are looking for a new fresh and innovative brand for your customers, then please contact us, we would love to hear from you.


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