There has been a sudden craze in gardening, looking after plants and being out in nature.

And, there is new name for it, “The Bloom Economy”.

Why is this so? What benefits do plants bring us?

Studies have shown that during our COVID lockdown, we are spending more time in our gardens and nurturing indoor plants.

Tending to the garden, growing our own vegetables and growing indoor plants keeps us occupied, calms us and gives us a sense of satisfaction spending time in nature and seeing plants grow.

We have found a new appreciation for plant life and experiencing nature.

Getting out into the sunshine too has magical properties; we need it, not only for Vitamin D but to improve our mood.

We just feel better when we are at one with nature.


Plants can also help us in many different ways, it has been suggested that they can:



Having natures’ wonders around us, brings us a sense of calm and the ability to look after something.

Here at NativeBliss we are inspired by the love of Australian ingredients, we are a brand driven by the benefits of Mother Nature.

So, if you get the chance to go somewhere with grass, take your shoes off and walk in the grass, it is one of life’s pleasures 🙂