There has been a sudden craze in gardening, looking after plants and being out in nature. And, there is new name for it, “The Bloom Economy”. Why is this so? What benefits do plants bring us? Studies have shown that during our COVID lockdown, we are spending more time in our gardens and nurturing […]

Hand Hygiene for little ones

Hand Hygiene For Little Ones

  Hand hygiene is essential for warding off infection and staying healthy. Hand sanitiser has become the norm for many people in recent years and because it is portable it makes sense to carry it with you everywhere. But not all hand sanitisers are created equal. Commercial gel based hand sanitisers typically contain over 60-95% […]

Australian Non-Toxic Awards – Foaming Hand Sanitiser

Kids Bliss Bronze

Here at KidsBliss we are thrilled that we have been awarded the Bronze Rosette in the 2019 Australian Non-Toxic Awards for our Unscented Foaming Hand Sanitiser. Read all about the awards and our reviews in the below link 🙂 Australian Non-Toxic Awards – KidsBliss – Foaming Hand Sanitiser

Golden Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil

  Simmondsia chinensis (known as Jojoba) is the only member of the Simmondsiaceae family. It is an evergreen perennial shrub that produces small seeds containing a waxy liquid. Our Jojoba Oil here at Nativebliss is 100% natural Jojoba, grown by Australian farmers. Jojoba Oil is a very stable oil with a long shelf life, light […]

The benefits of shea butter

Shea Butter

  Shea butter soap combines the moisturising properties of shea butter and goats milk with the cleaning and disinfecting benefits of soap for a hand and body washing experience that helps to feed and soften the skin that is being cleaned by the soap. Shea butter soap is high in skin nourishing vitamins, namely vitamins […]