With Spring just around the corner, it is the perfect time to take a look in your bathroom cupboards for any products that are unsafe or past their use by date.

Here at NativeBliss our products contain no harmful or nasty chemicals, so we recommend discarding anything that contains petrochemicals, phosphates, triclosans, parabens, tar derivatives or chlorine. Some of these chemicals have been known to disrupt hormones and are banned in some countries.

Using non toxic products in your bathroom is the safest way to be sure that you protect your family from harmful chemicals.

If any of your products are past their use by date then it is time to throw them out. Chemicals found in sunscreen for instance have a shelf life of no more than three years. Replace these sunscreens with products that contain very few or no chemicals.

If you want a safer bathroom cabinet for your family, commit to spring cleaning your life with all natural & organic ingredients.


~ NativeBliss – Proudly Australian Made & Owned