Did you know that air fresheners, fragrance plug-ins and room sprays can increase the amount of toxicity in your home? They may make you room smell nice but there are safer ways to bring scent into your home. Commercial fresheners often contain synthetic fragrances and can be harmful to you and your pets.

Essential oils are an easy and safe way to scent your space at home and all you need is a few drops of essential oil in your favourite diffuser.

Essential oils are fragrant volatile liquids extracted by distillation or expression from a single botanical source.

Essential oils have a direct and immediate effect on the mind and emotions via the sense of smell. They are highly concentrated, 70 times more than the plant they come from.

Essential oils can be used for many things, including overall well-being, skincare and cleaning. They have so many wonderful benefits and uses for you and your family.

Some of our favourite essential oils are Lavender which is great for bedtime and Citrus which is a wonderfully invigorating scent.

Bulgaria has been producing quality Lanvandula augutifolia as an alternative to France for many decades. Lavender Bulgarian is also very high on esters and is suitable for all applications of aromatherapy.

Lavender is probably the best known of all essential oils and is appreciated for its balancing, calming, soothing and healing properties.

Orange oil is useful in skin care for dull and oily complexions and it helps with minor skin complaints such as dermatitis, acne and soothe dry irritated skin. It also has a peaceful and calming effect.

Essential oils are a great way to make your home smell fantastic and keep the air clean in your surroundings.

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