Did You Know Chemicals Can Cause These Issues?

The infographic*1 above shows just a few of the things that we know chemicals can cause.

You can avoid these hazards by choosing all natural and organic products.

Natural and Organic products are kind to your skin and the environment.

Why NativeBliss?

We first realised something was wrong with the products we were using when we started to notice lots of children were suffering from rashes in their elbow, knees, nappies and even on their backs.

We don’t remember these skin rash issues that chemicals can cause when we were growing up. When when we talked with our parents they couldn’t remember so many children having skin, allergy and health issues either.

We then investigated.We discovered that up to the mid 1960’s there were very few, if any, chemicals in the products our parents used.

It’s only as we have become ‘more advanced’ that chemicals started making appearance in our products. There are many reasons for chemicals being used in our products. But a lot of it is due to mass production, trying to reduce costs.

NOT because they are healthier or safer!

NativeBliss is Created To Solve Skin Issues That Chemicals Can Cause

It’s because of these (and many other) side effects that NativeBliss was created.

NativeBliss believes that humans should live happily together with all other species of life, and not destroy or harm them.

Our vision is to help eliminate skin and health issues associated with the use of man made chemicals in many of the products we use on a daily basis.

That’s why NativeBliss creates all natural skincare and beauty products from Australian ingredients. We want to share the benefits and joy of Australia’s natural beauty with everyone.

We investigated how we could use plant based natural and organic ingredients to create personal care products. Products that were highly effective at their job whilst at the same time being 100% safe, kind and gentle to the skin.

So, with the help of a chemist we spent years systematically testing hundreds of different chemical free formulas.

We discovered how different plant extracts and oils could be combined to create safe and effective formulations. Formulations that meet our strict goals of being kind and gentle on skin, but still did what they were created to do.

All NativeBliss and KidsBliss formulations are based on real science.


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*1 The infographic image was obtained from Chemfree [http://www.chemfreecom.com/] website where you can find even more helpful information on chemical free products http://www.chemfreecom.com/