Do you or your family have sensitive skin?

Did you know that many supermarket detergents and laundry care, even the so called ‘natural ones’ often contain dyes and artificial fragrances that can irritate your skin or trigger eczema.

They may also contain polluting phosphates, silicates and so called natural artificial brightening agents. They are also very toxic if swallowed and have been implicated as low-level carcinogens. Many are also known to create air pollution. Some detergents are highly alkaline and can be harmful if splashed in the eyes or swallowed.

Here at KidsBliss, we can offer you and your family a real alternative to supermarket brands that we know you will love and are suitable for sensitive skin.

KidsBliss is formulated with the understanding that some people are sensitive to certain components in detergents, like those containing enzymes and may develop rashes when wearing clothes washed in them.

KidsBliss contains no animal fats and doesn’t include any chlorine to act as a disinfectant.

We use pure essential oils to completely replace artificial fragrances and we don’t use petroleum solvents of any kind.

Many manufacturers would argue that White Spirit, Kerosene, Petroleum spirits and other benzene type chemical are derived from nature and add them to so called natural cleaners.

Our products also contain no chlorinated organic solvents like Freon, Chloroform, Metylene Chlorine, Carbon Tetrachloride, Dichloromethane or Perchlorethylene that are also added to some so called ‘natural’ products.

To keep your family away from nasty chemicals and keep all your blankets and winter woollies fluffy over the cooler months use KidsBliss products.

With the natural disinfectant properties of eucalyptus and the natural softening properties of aloe vera, KidsBliss Delicates and Wool Wash will leave your woollens smelling fresh and clean.

Our unique plant based formula is ideal for washing all your woollens and delicates, including blankets and even wool pillows.


KidsBliss Delicate & Wool Wash – Eucalyptus Aloe Vera 1L