Learn how to bathe your baby to avoid rashes and other skin issues.



Many new mums are not sure how often they should bathe their newborn.

It is recommended that to care for your babies skin that you only need to bathe your newborn two to three times a week.

This is because at such a young age their skin is still sensitive, and as they don’t move that much in those early days they are not actually getting that dirty.

So it’s best to treat their skin carefully.

Step 1. Place the recommended amount of 2 in 1 Baby Bath Wash & Shampoo (it’s best to use 100% natural products with no added fragrances) and fill the bathtub with about 5-7cm of luke warm water, then create some foaming suds. It’s vey important that you DO NOT use HOT water.

Step 2. Gently and carefully place your baby in the bath. NEVER leave them alone. Always keep contact with them. If needed you can also place a non slip mat on the bottom of the bath.

Step 3. To wash your baby simply get a soft and gentle washcloth, dip it in the foamy bath water and gently wash from the head down. Starting at the scalp, then the neck and back, front, torso, and then legs. To wash your baby’s face moisten a cotton ball and gently dab.

Whilst in the bath, ensure you continue to pour the bathwater over your baby’s shoulders and other exposed areas so that they don’t get cold.

Step 4. Gently lift your baby out of the bath and wrap them in a soft dry towel. Don’t rub their skin. Instead, just gently ‘pat’ the towel over them and let it absorb the water.

That’s all their is to it.

BONUS TIP: Create a calming atmosphere by having some relaxing music playing in the background.



Photo credit: John Drake Flickr on Visual Hunt / CC BY-ND