You might be surprised to learn that very little of what’s on those fresh vegetables and fruits actually comes off when you simply rinse or rub them under running water.

Even if you buy organic or sustainably grown produce fruits from your local farmers’ market – there are potentially hidden dangers lurking on their surfaces as well.

Grow your own?

Fertilisers, animals and unhealthy soil can contaminate even home grown produce. And with today’s large-scale, global food system, our vegetables and fruits are at greater risk than ever for harbouring dangerous contaminants and pesticide residues.

Washing fruit and vegetables with water is not enough to protect your family.

You simply can’t remove all the contaminants with just water. To make matters worse, most produce is waxed after harvest to withstand the long journey to market and to protect against the many hands that touch it. Wax seals in the pesticide residues and other debris, which makes them even more difficult to remove with just water.

So to reach the contaminants buried beneath the surface of your vegetables and fruits, you need a cleanser that also removes the wax.

Even if your fruits and vegetables are “organic” or even home-grown, in order for them to grow they need fertilisers.

The problem is fertilisers have been found to be loaded with chemicals and other heavy metals, and can remain on the skin of the produce.

Almost ALL fertilisers contain a blend of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (N,P,K), PLUS a range of “other” ingredients.

The “Dirty Dozen” Fruit & Vegetables and the typical number of different pesticides they contain:

Celery 64
Peaches 62
Strawberries 59
Blueberries 52
Leafy Greens 51
Bell Peppers 49
Spinach 48
Apples 42
Cherries 42
Potatoes 37
Grapes 34
Nectarines 33


KidsBliss Fruit & Vegetable Wash

The wise solution for cleaning your fruit & vegetables.

This concentrated and fragrance free product is designed to remove chemicals, soil, wax, dust and pesticides from the skin of fruit and vegetables, making them safe to eat and keeping them fresher.

Our fruit and vegetable wash also makes a great cleaner for countertops, knives and dishes, and can even be used to wash your baby’s feed bottle.

 Fragrance Free
 100% natural & Plant extracts
 Contains no nasty chemicals

Ingredients: Purified Water, Coco Betaine, Alpha Olefin, Celtic Sea
Salt,Coco Glucoside, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Parfum (Natural
Preservative), Organic Saponified Coconut Oil & Organic Saponified
Olive Oil, Horsetail Extract, Organic Lavender Extract, Witch Hazel Extract.