Don’t be misled – Some so called “Natural” or “Organic” skin care products actually contain chemicals or even hazardous natural ingredients in them.

It’s so easy to think just because the front label on the product has in big writing “Natural” or “Organic” that you are safe to ASSUME the product is actually all natural or all organic, and that it contains no chemicals.

BUT this is not always the case!

We recently conducted a review of several leading skin care products.

Some of them are well known brands that boldly display “Organic” or “Natural” on their label in big letters. We must admit the labels look great and make you think that you’re buying a chemical free natural product.

However, when we dug deeper and looked at ALL the listed ingredients, we were not to surprised to find that many of them actually still contained man made chemicals.

And even some of the natural ingredients that they contained are deemed to be moderately to highly hazardous when applied directly onto your skin (reference source EWG.)

So, How did we know that they could not have been 100% natural or contain potentially harmful natural ingredients?

Their low price was the main giveaway.

They are usually cheap for a reason!

You see, in order to keep prices that low (and still be able to have a competitive business), you need to either include chemicals or use lower grade natural ingredients. That’s because the higher quality, lowest hazard ingredients cost more.

It’s as simple as that.

Now we can’t really show you our competitors labels, and trust that you can look at them yourself next time you pick the product up off the shelf.

So instead what we have compiled is a checklist of ingredients that are often contained in hair, skin and beauty products that are deemed to be potentially hazardous.

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