Many personal care items including skincare products, shampoo, body wash and make-up can contain chemicals that are suspected to be related to many health issues.

Many skin care products smell pleasant but that can be due to chemicals that have been added and these can cause reactions to your skin.

Look for the words “Fragrance-free” instead of “unscented”, as these products may still contain fragrance and check the ingredient list for any type of “fragrance ingredients.”

Fortunately it is getting easier (and cheaper) to find fragrance free products, so try to buy alternatives as much as possible.

Going ‘Fragrance free’ is your best option to avoid any harmful chemicals in your skin care products.

To minimise your risk choose products that contain only natural, pure or organic ingredients.


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NativeBliss and KidsBliss products contain only natural organic ingredients that nurture your skin and are perfect for everyday use to keep your skin looking its best.

Our products are Certified Organic and contain no synthetic dyes, fragrances or preservatives or petrochemicals.

We also guarantee to have caused no harm to animals or the planet.

Our products are Vegan friendly and proudly Australian made and owned.


~ KidsBliss – A safer & brighter future