Many mothers are concerned about the rising use of man made chemicals in the products that they place on their babies and their own skin.

That’s why NativeBliss started out as a company with a vision to create products made in harmony with nature, products that are kind to your skin, and most importantly products that do not contain any nasty man made chemicals.

We still hold that vision very close to the core of the skin care products we create.

Recently, we took it a step further and created a range of KidsBliss Australian Certified Organic (ACO) products. ACO certification guarantees that only the purest possible ingredients have been used in that product, and NO CHEMICALS are included. The reality is, there are not many manufacturers are prepared to do this.

However, we have noticed over the past year or so that there has been an influx of brands putting ‘Organic’ and ‘Natural’ on their product labels. They do so because they know it sounds and looks good, and helps them to sell products. They can do so because they may have 1 or 2 ingredients that are natural and organic, BUT the remaining ingredients actually include non natural and non organic ingredients, including many man made chemicals.

Therefore, seeing Natural and Organic printed on a product label does NOT always mean chemical free.

Unless you read the full ingredient listing, you might be misled into thinking that there are no chemicals in those products. We simply urge you to read the full ingredient list of those products and determine for yourself if what you are buying is actually chemical free!

A company can only claim their product to be “Certified Organic” if they have received an independent certificate of the product.

When you see products that have the Bud Logo, you can’t compare them to uncertified products.

This is because to receive certification the products are independently audited, and the Bud Logo (ACO) Certification is your guarantee of purity and honesty of the manufactures claims. Products that contain certified organic ingredients will always cost more because the raw ingredients cost more. They are sourced from Certified Organic Farms which means they have NO GMO or Toxic Chemicals used in the growing process. This guarantees you an independently audited, truthful claim of purity.

Next time you see “Natural” or “Organic” on a product label, take a few moments to read ALL the ingredients to make sure you know what exactly what you are really buying.


NativeBliss ~ Natural Skin Care