How do we know what is on the label of skin care products is actually all that they claim to be?

Making the switch to organic skin care products can be confusing and whilst we may have the best intentions, we may still be using products that contain man-made chemicals and not know it.

The organic skin care movement has been building momentum in the past few years and is fast becoming a new beauty trend. This is as a result of the developing acceptance of products being prepared without chemicals.

The focus of these products is that all of the ingredients are organic and grown naturally without the use of any chemicals.

It can be hard to navigate your way around all of those attractively packaged products on the shelf that are embellished with words such as organic, natural, fragrance free, vegan friendly and botanical.

How do you know that these products are what they say on the package?

With regards to natural and organic skincare it is vital to understand the product labels. You need to do the research and understand what the labels mean. Some product labels can be misleading, you could be lead to think that they don’t contain any chemicals when they do.

We encourage you to always check the products ingredients regardless of what the manufacturer says on the front of the product label. You should check the ingredients for yourself to discover how organic they really are. This does not mean all of the products out there are not organic. There are many organic skincare products accessible in the market that do not use man-made chemicals, for example, those created by KidsBliss.

If the product is certified organic and contains the logo from the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) body, then you can be rest assured that it has been certified correctly and contains the list of ingredients it say it does.

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