The hidden danger of man made chemicals in skincare products

Dealing with your skin is fundamental, after all it is the body’s biggest living organ and absorbs over 60% of what it gets in contact with. This means basically that what you put on your skin can get into your blood stream and circulate around your body. Some people are even linking these man made chemicals to various diseases that are becoming more evident in our population.

Nonetheless, there is a significant number of individual skin care products available which contain poisons and chemicals that get absorbed into your skin. These tend to be the cheaper products on the market – but not always. So it is sometimes really a case of you get what you pay for.

As consumers have become more aware of the dangers of man made chemicals and the negative effects of putting them on your skin, there is a growing demand  for natural and organic skincare products to you use to keep your skin looking smooth, supple and brilliant.


Why would it be a good idea for you to pick organic skincare products?

As we have already mentioned, there are a number of everyday products that contain harmful chemicals which are absorbed into the skin. and these chemicals then circulate through your bloodstream.

Deciding to use organic skincare products is a natural and viable approach to get your self and your skin feeling and looking brilliant. Organic and natural products work with your skin to replenish and support its regenerative and recuperating properties. Organic skincare products are chemical and pesticide free, which means they are better for your body and the earth.

But Be Warned You Must Read the label

When you read the labels on your skincare products they will tell you what they contain and what you will be putting onto your skin and ultimately into your blood. Most mass manufactured skin care products contain a variety of poisons and chemicals including sodium lauryl sulfate which has been connected to medical issues, for example, contact dermatitis, kidney harm and liver issues.

Did you know that some products that are labelled as “Organic” or “Natural” may still include harmful ingredients. We urge you to read the label and check the ingredients to make sure the nasty ones listed below are not in your skin care products.


What ingredients are harmful and should be avoided?

Here’s a list of 10 ingredients that we feel should never be in your skin care products – especially on your child’s skin.


Australian Certified Organic

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