Planet First

Green Heart

  When we recognise our place in the world we open ourselves up to being present and listening to our surroundings. Sometimes we don’t take enough time out of our busy lives to appreciate the very things right in front of our noses. When we experience awe, we are challenged by the presence of something […]

Is This The Secret To Softer Skin?

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Is “Sulphate Free” important when choosing skincare products? Did you know that many drugstore and luxury skincare brands add drying agents to products such as moisturisers and conditioners? If you actually want your products to moisturise, make sure they say “sulphate-free.” Sulphates (sulfates) are aggressive detergents made of sulphur-containing mineral salts. The  most common are Sodium Lauryl Sulphate […]

What Does This Weird Logo Mean?

Aco Logo What Does It Mean

Have you ever seen this weird looking logo on products in your local store, but never really understood what it means. Well, this super short video explains exactly what this weird logo is and what it’s benefits are to you when you read those product labels.