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  Here at KidsBliss as we take the health and safety of our customers very seriously and pride ourselves in providing safe, non toxic and socially responsible products to all our customers. Our products contain NO Parabens, Phthalates, BPA, Triclosan, Phenoxyethanol, SLES, SLS from unsustainable Palm or Petroleum, Formaldehyde, Nano-Particles, Microbeads, GMOS and Uncertified Palm […]

Organic Insect Repellent

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  KidsBliss Outdoor skin mist is certified organic which means it contains a minimum of 95% organic ingredients. We proudly display our Australian Certified organic label on the front of our products which guarantees you are choosing a product that has been certified from the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) regulatory body. You can rest assure […]

How to take care of baby clothes


  Here at NativeBliss we believe in things that last, and want to help keep your baby clothes looking good for as long as possible. We also believe in 100% Natural and Organic Chemical Free products. Products that are kind and gentle to your baby’s sensitive skin, yet effective at removing even the toughest nastiest […]

Hand Hygiene for little ones

Hand Hygiene For Little Ones

  Hand hygiene is essential for warding off infection and staying healthy. Hand sanitiser has become the norm for many people in recent years and because it is portable it makes sense to carry it with you everywhere. But not all hand sanitisers are created equal. Commercial gel based hand sanitisers typically contain over 60-95% […]

4 ways to cut down on plastic

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  Whether you are trying to cut down on plastics heading to landfill or you are concerned about the chemicals that can be released from plastics, we can all make a difference to the amount of plastics we use in our day to day lives. Here are four ways you can make a difference: Use […]

Protect your family from harmful & nasty chemicals

Protect Your Family

  What does natural or organic mean? It’s easy to think that because the labelling on skincare products has in big writing “Natural” or “Organic” on the front, that you are safe to assume the product is actually all natural or all organic, and that it contains no chemicals. How do we know what is […]

5 Benefits of Lavender Oil

Benefits Of Lavender Oil

*  Lavender essential oil helps to reduce stress and anxiety Lavender oil has a calming scent which makes it work well as aromatherapy for nerves and anxiety issues. Lavender oil can be helpful in treating migraines, headaches, depression, nervous tension and emotional stress. The refreshing aroma removes nervous exhaustion and restlessness . Research has linked […]

Organic Skincare

Organic Skincare

Organic Skincare Australia is a growing market. Savvy consumers like yourself are becoming more aware of the potential harm that chemicals can cause. More and more consumers are deciding on natural options such as organic skincare Australia products. Currently food is leading the way in terms of consumer awareness for organic produce. But more and […]

Australian Non-Toxic Awards – Foaming Hand Sanitiser

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Here at KidsBliss we are thrilled that we have been awarded the Bronze Rosette in the 2019 Australian Non-Toxic Awards for our Unscented Foaming Hand Sanitiser. Read all about the awards and our reviews in the below link 🙂 Australian Non-Toxic Awards – KidsBliss – Foaming Hand Sanitiser

Certified organic baby body care

Certified Organic Baby Body Care

  Australian Certified Organic (ACO) provides you with assurance that our products contain the highest possible quality ingredients. ACO compliance is one of the highest standards for organic products worldwide. KidsBliss products have been created from natural and organic ingredients that are safe and effective to use every day. Our eco-friendly skincare range is gentle, […]