Nicole Stock Nativebliss March 2018

Here’s some awesome feedback from one of our customers who has tried out the NativeBliss Certified Organic products on her daughter.

These products are absolutely amazing. My 11-year-old daughter has very dry and itchy skin and after using these products for the last 2 weeks, (the ACO Baby Moisturiser and Baby Shampoo) the difference is amazing. Her skin has settled right down and the distraction of being itchy all day has shown a big improvement in her behaviour at school as she is not so distracted.

Being in the Health and Wellness industry myself, I have tried so many different products on the Market and have not seen her have the relief that she has had with Native Bliss. She also takes the Hand Sanitiser to School and it works without the burning sensation of other hand sanitiser. Give this product a try you will be a fan in no time and not disappointed.











Nicole, thanks for your support and feedback



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