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Australian Non-Toxic Awards – KidsBliss Laundry Liquid

Here at KidsBliss we are thrilled that we have been awarded the Bronze Rosette in the 2019 Australian Non-Toxic Awards for our Australian Lavender Laundry Liquid. Read all about the awards and our reviews in the below link 🙂 Australian Non-Toxic Awards – KidsBliss – Laundry Liquid

Certified organic baby body care

  Australian Certified Organic (ACO) provides you with assurance that our products contain the highest possible quality ingredients. ACO compliance is one of the highest standards for organic products worldwide. KidsBliss products have been created from natural and organic ingredients that are safe and effective to use every day. Our … Read More

Surface Sanitiser

  KidsBliss surface sanitiser is an alcohol free citrus based sanitiser that can be used for the whole family. The mandarin scented formula is easy to use and kills 99.99% of germs including E.Coli and Listeria. KidsBliss surface sanitiser comes in a handy 60ml pump pack that can be carried … Read More

Naturally safe skin care

  People’s confidence towards organic skin care products is on the rise. This is a result of people becoming more aware and making better decisions about what they put on their skin. Consumers are now demanding safe, natural and ethical products which has led to natural and organic skin products … Read More

6 reasons why you should change to sulphate free skincare products

  Sulphates (sulfates) are aggressive detergents made of sulphur-containing mineral salts. The  most common are Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES). Sulphates were first introduced into modern hair care in the 1930’s and compared to soaps and other methods, sulfates are powerful, inexpensive and easy to acquire. And, … Read More

Keep it clean

  We know from scientific research that killing germs on your hands help stops the spread of nasty bacteria. But when you’re out and about it’s difficult to find a washroom every time you touch a potentially unsanitary item. That’s why waterless hand sanitisers were developed. Gel based hand sanitisers … Read More

KidsBliss outdoor skin mist

  KidsBliss Outdoor skin mist is certified organic which means it contains a minimum of 95% organic ingredients. We proudly display our Australian Certified organic label on the front of our products which guarantees you are choosing a product that has been certified from the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) regulatory … Read More