Citrus Seed Extract is antimicrobial


Here are 7 benefits of Citrus Seed Extract, which is the same citrus seed extract used in NativeBliss Sweet Orange and Tangerine Toy & Table Cleaner.

  1. In laundry — to kill fungi and bacteria, add 10 to 15 drops to the final rinse
  2. In carpet cleaners — to kill pathogenic organisms
  3. Sterilising and disinfecting operating rooms
  4. In nebulizers — one drop GSE to one ounce saline water for control of respiratory infections
  5. In humidifiers — three to four drops per gallon of water to prevent algae growth
  6. As a better preservative than most chemical preservatives currently on the market
  7. Disinfecting surfaces — when mixed with water in a spray bottle, it’s great for disinfecting cutting boards and other kitchen as well as bathroom surfaces

You can see how powerful natural ingredients can be.

The secret is knowing which ingredients are needed to do the job, without causing any harm.

All NativeBliss products have been thoroughly researched and tested to use the lowest harmful grade ingredients to ensure the highest safety for you and your loved ones.

Go natural and help to save the planet and your family from nasty chemicals!